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Adrianna Brandon '16
Don't be afraid to speak up and say hi to someone!
Kevin Brown '07
Go outside your comfort zone and meet new people. Get to know your professors and interact with them outside of class.

Ayana Burton '14
Get involved in clubs and organizations. Get out of your comfort zone!
Linda Apodaca, M.S. '16
Take a deep breath and enjoy your new adventure because these moments will create fond memories of a lifetime.

Hal Assael '04, M.B.A '06
Manage your time, this will make the journey more enjoyable. When work is due, don't wait to the last minute to complete it, it will just make it that much harder. Completing work early feels great!

Monique Avila '08, M.Ed. '11
Get involved in everything that makes you happy! Join clubs, join Greek Life, CAB, ASULV & anything else that lets you do something your passionate about. The late nights don't compare to the friendships & memories!
Julia Baca '17
Keep a planner and stay organized! Don't be afraid to ask for help and talk to your professors!
Doris (Dodie) Barnes '78
Don't allow fear to be your guide. Explore opportunities and take the initiative to get to know other freshmen and your instructors and advisors.
Pamela Bennett '00
Stay focused on the syllabus for your major. Ask questions, day one, if need be and keep asking, until you graduate. When one person asks a question, usually the entire class wants to know. Be brave and go for it!!

Alexandria Orozco '14
Take on leadership opportunities. They can open lots of new doors for you!

Grace Casian, MPA '07
Participate in a study abroad program!


Sarah Prosenko '13
Get involved! Explore the various clubs and organizations offered on campus to find some that interest you.

Alex Lester '08, J.D. '11
Find something outside your comfort zone and drive in with Enthusiasm!

Maggie Anguiano '08
Live the experience to the fullest. Get involved and enjoy your journey.
Stephanie Hancock '16
You can do this! Stay excited, curious and focused.
Jocelyn Chavez, M.S. '99, Ed.D. '11
This is such an exciting time in your life! It's a time to make lifelong friends, learn about what direction you want to take your many possibilities await you. Make this a fantastic journey. Welcome to the Leo family! Enjoy every moment!

Xiao Chen '15
Try to be the first one or the last one when you do presentations!

Lucero Rojo '11, M.S. '16
Yes, it is a lot of work but it's not all due at once. Take it one assignment at a time.  Someone else has been there, done that and survived.  You will be too.  Welcome to the La Verne Family!
Cesiah Rojo '14, M.Ed. '17
Work harder than you think you need to.
Natalie Goss '14
Take advantage of Career Services and don't be afraid to network.
Lynne Calkins '63
Take advantage of all the getting-to-know-you and introductory offerings around the campus. Expose yourself to all kinds of activities and interest groups. Go to class!

Jordan Wycoff '11
Get to know your professors, get involved on campus, and don't feel guilty about going back for seconds.

Alexis Wood '14
Don't be afraid to ask questions. If you don't ask, you may never know.
James Werle '00
Take full advantage of the small class sizes! They enable a learning experience you wouldn't receive at a larger school.

Rita Shaw '93
Ask follow students about good classes and professors. Embrace the challenges and subdue them! Seek out the resources to help you succeed. Consult your adviser as often as needed to stay on track.

Tengjun Tian '15
Be curious, ask questions, listen to the answer.
Greg Thomas '93
Your life is not a dress rehearsal - we must always choose to dance as if no one is watching! If you're shy like I was at orientation, then you need to take the good advice I followed - walk up to strangers with a smile on your face, say hi, my name is _____ and take it from there.

Lee Vasquez '88
Trust your heart, trust your mind and trust in God.
Jason Umansky '17
Take a course with John and Linda Bartelt. You will see the world in a different light, and become a better person from it. They will truly change your life!
Renita Ulloa '02, M.S. '06
La Verne is a small city, you can make your world bigger by volunteering, joining clubs and going to all of the events that ULV has to offer. If you are shy or are from out of state, the area or the country, there are great opportunities if you will allow yourself room to stretch!

Nora Rico '07, M.Ed. '14
If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you.

Eric Richardson '16
Remember why you chose ULV! Stay focused and enjoy your college experience
Annette Rego '06
Do your class work when it's first assigned. Don't wait until the last minute.

Rita Shaw '16
Ask fellow students about good classes and professors. Embrace the challenges and subdue them! Seek out the resources to help you succeed. Consult your adviser as often as needed to stay on track.

Amanda Santos '09, M.Ed. '11
Find homework buddies in each class to keep you on track. Get involved and make the best out of each day in college.

Esther Sanders '92
Plan all four years of classes at once to maximize your time and make sure pre-reqs are complete on time.

Arturo Ramirez '12
Purchase the university academic catalog for your year. In case of future course changes by the university, It contains the academic major curriculum requirements you're responsible for.

Loretta Rahmani, Ed.D. '94
Be open to all possibilities. Think/feel/see beyond what you know. Know that there are people who love you and are here to support you. Remember to breathe!

Debra Punch '04
Participate in your classes and get involved with clubs on campus. You never know who you will meet in the future that may be your stepping stone to a new and exciting career.
Randy Pozo '11
Get to know your colleagues, professors and be involved. Look for and plant relationships, Network, network, network!
Denise Petty '05
Hello new future colleagues believe in yourself and work hard to achieve your dreams. ULV is a great start for your accomplishments in life. Good lucky to all.

Venetria Patton '95
Try new things. College is the time to discover yourself.
Elizabeth Cipres, Ed.D. '00
Read your emails that come from ULV and participate in as many activities that your schedule will allow. ULV offers a lot to enhance your personal and professional leadership skills.
Britney Conner '06, M.S '10
Don't stay in your room all the time if you live on campus. Get active in groups/activities. Try not to procrastinate unless you actually work better under pressure. Lastly, enjoy the experience because it goes by fast.

Dominick Copas '88
Take Dr. Ispahani for Economics. You gotta love a professor that dresses, acts and has become the professional you want to be!
Jessica Covarrubias '11
Study Hard. Do good and the good life will follow.

Dee Davy '16
Never be afraid to ask questions.
Melissa Diaz '16
Get involved! I know it might seem overwhelming at first, but join that club you're interested in, look into that Honor Society, jump into these new experiences and make La Verne your home!

Grecia Paredes '16
It's okay to be nervous!! Remember you are in a great school where professors want to help you and they want you to succeed :) So do not be afraid to ask questions it will help you grow in the major you chose.

Luis Pages '96
Stick to it, never give up. When you complete your BS dont wait too long to go back for your MS as it only gets more expensive!

Michael Ngo '05
ULV is here to help, so always ask questions.

Robin Neal '81
Participate in every activity it will make your experience even better!! You will make lifelong friends from your college days!

Colleen Moreno '11
Don't be shy. Meet new people and make friends!

Martina Miraflor '15
Go all in and don't hold back! This is your time to shine.

Joseph Miraflor '96
Work hard, but not too hard! This is a time to learn about yourself and experience life without mom and dad. Be well rounded and open to new things. It will make you the best future person you can be. Good luck and God bless!!!! Enjoy!!!

Shandra L. McDonald '15
Meet with your professors during their office hours. The insight you'll gain on your class assignments and the relationship you'll build is invaluable.

Eugina Martinez '09
Stay focused and you will succeed!

Sara Eazell '09, M.Ed. '12
Know your resources. If you're struggling with something, La Verne has the people and services to help you! Just ask.

Irene Eister '04
Congrats to you! You have already done the hard work--you're admitted in to a top-notch university! Study, play, and contribute/volunteer--that's the formula for college success! You're on to great things! Best to you!

Jane Friedl '82
Get to know the people in your dorm!

Kellie Galentine '15
Get involved, take risks, laugh a lot, be kind, and do what scares you. You are capable of so much more than you know, and these are the years to learn how brave you are!

Carolanne Garcia '16
Just breathe. It's not as scary and hard as you think it will be. Remember, we were all you at one point in our journey.

Jessenia Garcia '13, M.S. '17
Don't get overwhelmed. Simply stay positive and smile. Remember you got this!

Kimberly Llorens '85
Paint the rock at least once, get a pizza at warehouse pizza, walk into downtown LaVerne, support the baseball team, make friends for life, call your mom and dad, take it all in and know that once you identify as a Leo you're a Leo for life. Welcome to ULV.

Roxanne Garcia '11
Get involved! I made lifelong friends through my involvement in Greek life, student government and the orientation program. La Verne is like a giant family; you've made the right decision.

Sophia Garcia-Guzman '01
Take every opportunity to emerge yourself in all the different things ULV has to offer. If you start feeling overwhelmed; just breath! You've got this! #leosforlife

Tammi Gray, M.S. '10
Truly enjoy every moment in the journey

Lorena Hernandez '06
Stay focus on your goals. Remember why you came here everyday. Don't worry about what others think about you.
Lorie Laverne

Angela Huerta '04
Everyone else around you is in the same place in life as you. Remember that everyone is there to make new friends and experience new things. Let people in and reach out to others.

Rosamari Isong '14
Meet with your advisor as soon as possible; he/she would give you the guidance you need in planning your classes. Feel free to approach your professors when you need more explanation on a subject. They are nice, approachable and professional.

Kelly-Marie Jones '15
Never be afraid to ask for help with anything!

Gayle Kaye '02
Don't over do it! Then do things you've never done before. Keep an open mind, and see this as an adventure!

Tessala Learmont '16
Try the things you never thought you would! Take opportunities that may scare you, they'll help you grow.

Kevin Lentz '11, M.Ed. '17
Your first week will be scary, but I can say with utter confidence La Verne will be a great home. The family atmosphere is what sets ULV apart from other colleges. Welcome to the family Leos.

Shari Levy '16
I did not know what I was missing until I enrolled at the University of La Verne. I felt like a person and not a number. YOU matter with the University of La Verne Professors and so does YOUR success!!

Johnny Hentsch, '09, M.B.A '14
Prepare to be educated.

Alicia Venzor '12
Never stop believing in yourself, Always open your mind to learn.

Sharon McGaha '11
Enjoy the journey.

Naccache Andrea '13, J.D. '16
Learn to move out of your own way; meaning try new things, explore activities on campus, and take a class you never thought you'd enjoy!

Jami Ayers '96
Study abroad & live in The Oaks.

Dan Kiminki '02
1. Work on campus if you can (especially summer).
2. Get involved.
3. Take it (campus) in while you can, because EVERYONE misses it after.

Larry Fox '90
If you get behind or are otherwise struggling get help. There are Tutors and other help available. Enjoy this time, it is very special.

Selborj Smith, M.B.A. '11
Don't get behind!

Susan Rose '01, M.S. '04
Enjoy! Get involved! Study! LEOS ROCK!!!!

Benjamin Balderrama Jr. '12
Don't be afraid to get involved and to take leadership positions. You may not get it right the first time but as long as you learn from your experiences, you will be better prepared down the line.

Shane Haldeman '03
Find your balance. Explore the social aspects of campus life without sacrificing academic success.

Danielle Cooper '16
Communicate with your professors frequently. Don't wait until you see them in class to ask for help.  If a professor provides his/her phone number UTILIZE IT!  

Sanjeev Mistry, M.B.A '10
Welcome! Work hard and all your dreams will come true. Make sure to tap into the many resources and have fun!

Edward Dailo, J.D.'11
Get involved with local professional organizations and apply for scholarships!

John Gilmore '02
Every journey begins with a mix of excitement and trepidation. Your world is about to expand. Enjoy.

Katrina Nabor '98
Enjoy yourself! Then try to make one friend in each class. Then you have a study partner, someone to compare notes with or lunch partner.

Taylor Warner, M.P.A. '12, J.D. '11
Make yourself a schedule and stick to it. Time management will save your life! Always remember to include time for rest. Giving your body and mind a break is essential to make it through law school.

Leslie Riley, J.D. '09
Get engaged in your education: come prepared to class, ask relevant questions, and listen.

Kathy Doramus '68
Don't be afraid to try new things. Step out of your comfort zone.

Jenna (Siriani) Gough '09
Take advantage of all the services offered by different departments on campus. Be brave and start networking early!

Terry Dopson '17
Find a job on campus. It's a great way to learn new skills, make new friends, and be more involved in the campus community.

Rosa Asencio '01, M.S. '06
Don't be afraid to connect with faculty they want you to succeed.

Jessica Gerard '13
Go Greek! ❤

Jessica Carrasco '16
Don't forget to have fun! At times you may feel overwhelmed and stressed, so just take a step back and treat yourself to a good time.

Margarita Gomez-Nadin '06, M.B.A '16
Embrace the opportunity to engage and interact with people on campus. These cohorts will become your allies and confidants for staying sane and being successful. 

Kent Badger, D.P.A. '91
Don't believe everything you hear. Learn to think critically and examine the source of your information and learn to love the process of critical inquiry

Todd Blickenstaff, M.A. '96
Start planning right away for study abroad! It's my biggest regret that I didn't pursue this. Also, reach out to people you don't know. Initiate conversations with classmates, start study groups, socialize! Live on campus!

Hollida Wakefield '61
Get enough sleep; no all-nighters. Don't skip classes. Introduce yourself to people; the friends you make at La Verne will be the closest in your life.

Mario Rodriguez '07
Enjoy ULV while you are there because you will miss it after!! Explore and challenge yourself because as proud first gen,LGBT student and Latinx I was able to create my own chapters in my book! You are the author of your journey

Wei Yang '17
Invest in education when you are young and during your career. Education helps you build thinking and analysis abilities, and improves your vision and life plan. I am at my middle age. In the past five years, I have spent numerous evenings in ULV classrooms. I earned a 2nd bachelor degree in accounting and a 2nd masters degree from the MBA program. My passion supports me to successfully complete the degree programs.

Kristina Dixon '06
Worry about learning the material and let your grade take care of itself. Great advice I received from Professor Adham Chehab.

Diana Westmyer '08
Go Greek! It's the easiest way to meet a flood of individuals from all walks of life and feel a strong sense of community! Being Greek allows you the opportunity to network, participate in philanthropic work, grow as a leader, focus on academics, and have fun all across campus!

La Toyia Harris '13
Get with your counselor and keep having meetings with him or her, stay on your path to completing each class successfully, join study groups, or get a tutor if needed. Watch what you eat and exercise, it's important. Join social groups it's very important as well.

Lowell Johnson '89
Get involved in student events. Go Greek. Get to know the awesome profs. They will help you succeed. Phi Alpha.

Martina Fraley '16
When I enrolled at the University of La Verne it was my 4th college. I was from a low income family and started taking classes at the age of 13; it took my 21 years to complete my bachelors degree. This time I remained determined to finish- nothing was stopping me and trust me as a mom with two special needs children, several surgeries, a car accident, and a deployed husband I wanted to quit several times!

I refused to allow myself to quit! Advice learned: as an honors student I was asked for assistance by my peers plenty, but let me tell you the experiences of life I learned from THEM and all our cultural differences and life shares was a blessing for me to grow. They encouraged me emotionally just as equally as I encouraged them to grow educationally! Take the time to ask if you need help, help when someone asks, because you never know how you'll save each other!

Alexis Turnbull '16
Be curious, ask questions, listen to the answer.
Study- a lot! read over the materials before class, even the very first class if the syllabus mentions specific readings on that day. Always order your books a head of time and bring them (still in the plastic) to the first day of class- if the professor is using the book you won't get behind on your assignment and if he or she isn't you just mail it back. Shop competitively for books, look at each price on at least three different websites.

Take advantage of the resources the school has, use the ASC (back in my day it was the LEC) for help and tutoring, even if you're only struggling a little bit in a class just go in for some review.

Also make friends! In college friends are not just made by going to class most of the time, you have to go out of your way- go to events, join a club, anything that gets you around people.

Knowing that now I would have had such a better time in college and been more successful (I did pretty well, but still always strive for your best!)