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Paula Jovell, JD '14, MPA '14 and Gursharn Khehra, JD '14

Sunny and I met in law school in 2011. We dated our first year of school, but law school proved to be a taunting task to manage in the beginning. Thankfully, by our last year we got a handle on law school and even better, our relationship. We became official at our Barristers Ball. We got engaged this New Year's in New York and are to wed this June! Yippee La Verne!

Erika (Olmos) '14 and Daniel '14 White

My hubby and I met at University of La Verne, March 2010 at Spotlight Weekend. We took our first picture together that day. In May 2010, he was my date to my senior prom. May 2013, Danny proposed to me in front of the Campus Center, because that is exactly where we first met. May 2014, we graduated college and walked at commencement together. July 2014, we got married and in June 2015 we had our first baby, Troy.


Kalyn Rose Taylor '15 and Michael Miller '15

Michael and I met in the University of La Verne's Model United Nations Team in the fall of 2015. It was my second semester on the team and he was that semester's President. We then learned that we were both Political Science majors and just happened to have a class together (shout out to Dr. Minoves' Monarchies class). After some flirting and convincing, we started dating. And as all romances go, two years later on the top of the National Monument in Colorado, Michael proposed to me. We are getting married in October 2017. La Verne had and continues to have such a profound impact on both of our lives. Not only did we receive the best education from some of the greatest professors ever (yay Poli Sci Department!), but we also found each other. We even ended up taking several of our engagement photos in front of Founders Hall, in our La Verne sweaters and holding a United Nations flag, of course. 

Mary (Martin) '59 and David '59 Palmer

We were married at semester break in January 1959 . . . 58 years ago! And we both graduated in June 1959. David first noticed Mary in the History of Art class in September 1957 when she transferred to La Verne from Mt SAC. He was shy so he had a friend arrange a blind date for Mary to attend the Homecoming Play. We became friends, then best friends, and finally partners. We have lived in La Verne; Pomona; Gillette, NJ; Manchester, MO; and now New Providence, NJ. From 30 miles east of LA to 30 miles west of NYC. God has blessed us with three children and nine grandchildren. La Verne College was an amazing and blessed experience!


Kali Watson-Ellis '05, MBA '07 and Byron Ellis, MBA '08

We met in the La Verne MBA program. We met for a few study groups, but I didn't think much of it. In fact, I thought she was dating someone else in the class, but it turned out I was wrong. On the last day of class in 2007 we exchanged numbers & started dating. Fast forward we got married summer 2014 and now have a six month old baby boy, all thanks to ULV.


Claire Bodenhoefer '08, MS '11 and 
David Contreras '10, MS '14, PsyD '16

Claire first saw David during a greek week event in 2008 (she is an Iota Delta sorority member and he is a Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity member). Through introduction from a mutual friend they started seeing each other. Making the drive between Glendora and Newport Beach over the summer continued the relationship into the next school year. Their memories run deep with La Verne - attending greek events, baseball games (David was a pitcher for the Leos), living in The Oaks, attending graduations (Bachelor's, Masters, and a Doctoral degree from La Verne). They are currently living in Little Rock, Arkansas for David's clinical psychology postdoctoral fellowship and Claire is a school counselor. They look forward to the adventures of life and thank the University of La Verne for an exceptional education and memories that will last a lifetime.

Kristin (Hilliard) '06 and Adam '07 Doty

I met my husband while we both were at La Verne for our undergraduate. I was a member of Sigma Kappa and he was a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. During a rock painting is when I first met him. After a few other events together we started dating. We dated for ten years and got married in 2015. Because we met at the University of La Verne we had our engagement photos taken there. In 2016 we welcomed our first child, a beautiful baby boy. To this day some of our closest friends are from when we first met at La Verne, and we still love to tell people where we met and how long we have been together.

Sandy Granados, MSLM '14 and Luis Rivera, MSLM '13

Early 2013, I tasked myself in furthering my education, which led me to enroll in the MSLM program at La Verne. I knew it was going to be a journey and I wanted to cherish it. However, I never expected to gain that much more than my Master’s. In Fall 2013, I started my very first class with Dr. Loren Dyck, Human Resources, whereas he was completing his last class of the program. During the course, we had multiple group projects where the entire class became friends and made new relationships. These new friendships lasted much longer than just the scope of the class. As good Leo’s, we all stayed in touch as we advanced in life. A few years later, Luis and I became more than just classmates. We kept in touched to network and further our careers. Little did I know this fellow classmate was taking a different role in my life. It’s interesting to think back when I started, I thought to myself “this is just the beginning”. Now, here I am with him later in life telling myself the same thing…

Nikyah Thomas-Pfeiffer '95 and Michael Pfeiffer '93, MEd '97

Michael was a Resident Assistant (RA) for a co-ed floor and I was a RA for an all women's floor at the Oaks. While starting out as friends working on the same team with other RA within the complex, our friendship budded into something more nearly a year after we met. We decided to go out on a date and the rest, they say, is history. We have been happily together for over 24 years and married for over 21 years. We are the proud parents of 2 beautiful sons. We owe our love story to the University of La Verne!


Christy '04, MBA '08 and James '02, MPA '04 Ranells

My husband and I meet the first week of the semester my freshman year. We have been married over 10 years and have 2 little future Leo's.

Amanda '12 and Kevin '09 Zeni

We met in the La Verne parking lot next to LaFetra Auditorium. He was the president of SAE and I was pledging a sorority. We immediately started dating and we became inseparable.

Eileen Kaiser '83 and Monte Hessler

Monte went to La Verne for one year, '81, to play football. This was my second year, and I was on the volleyball team. We had a brief but amazing time together for that year, but he had to go back to Arizona, and I had my ULV life to continue. He went on to become a chiropractor and I went on to pursue a teaching career. We had a special connection that has lasted through the years, as we have recently reconnected through Facebook....35 years later and are now planning our time together for the remaining best years of our lives. If it wasn't for La Verne, we would never have met. We are so grateful for this time and for what we have to look forward to.


Audrey (Scholl) '66 and Ronald Brewer

My boyfriend, Ron Brewer, and I lived in Ohio and met in 1960 while in high school. His family moved to CA in August of 1960. At Christmas Break he came to visit me and convinced my parents to let me fly at his expense to CA and to stay with his family during the summer, 1961....and I did.

I attended the University of Cincinnati in the fall, 1961. At Christmas break, Ron flew me to CA. He had found La Verne College and had figured that tuition at La Verne and two round trip airplane tickets were cheaper than going to the University of Cincinnati. So, the mail and phone calls kept us together until August 24, 1962. I attended La Verne on Sept. 9, 1962. My roommates were Nance Aiton, Wanda Flora, and Marilyn. Our room use to be a porch of an old hotel. It was a cold room. I do not remember if we had a thermostat , it sure could get cold in the evening! Ron would pick me up every Friday at 3:00 p.m. and I would stay at the Brewer’s house for the weekend. I usually headed back for the dorm around nine on Sunday because we had dorm hours which were the times you had to be in the dorm!! I loved the quaint town of La Verne, the old dorm which was covered in ivy, and the friends that I made.

I had intentions of coming back in the fall of 1962. However, Ron drove to Ohio in July, 1963. We were married on Valentine’s Day, 1964!! In June we moved to CA and Ron was going to work with his dad who had a small tool shop. However, six weeks after we arrive in CA, his father died.

In the fall I attended La Verne while we lived in Covina. The next year we lived in Pasadena. I took Ron to work in Burbank , traveled south past Pasadena , and eventually headed west to attend La Verne College. I drove almost 200 miles every day. Jeannette Johnson let me take a nap in her room in the afternoon!

I graduated in June, 1966 and have taught elementary school for 46 years. Whenever we vacation in CA, I have to see La Verne College and the town of La Verne. Miller Hall is now a stucco building....which does not seem right! Times and places have a way of changing over the years, but the wonderful memories are always the same! So, Happy Valentine’s Day to La Verne College and all that have attended La Verne College! La Verne College is part of my love story. This year we will have been married for 53 years on Valentine’s Day!! Much love to all!

Ginny '09 and Miguel '09 Ruiz

2005: It was their freshman year in college. He was 18 and she was 17. On the way to class one morning, Miguel spots Ginny for the first time. He wanted to meet her, but at that time she was always on the phone (talking to her BFF who lived in Arizona) and didn't notice a thing. 2006: Ginny saw Miguel for the first time as she was walking towards a video shoot location for a class project. She was instantly intrigued and was excited to meet him. Miguel was anxious to finally meet the pretty girl who was always on the phone. They fell for each other right away. For their first date, they had dinner at Chili's and then saw a movie in La Verne. That night, Miguel leaned in for the first kiss. That was nine years ago. They dated for a few months before deciding to stay friends. While they both knew they had something special in each other, they were just too young for such a great love. 2007: Miguel sits right next to Ginny in a class. After weeks of flirting, he takes her out for their second first date. They go to Shogun in La Verne to celebrate her 20th birthday, which was an expensive date for a college student! They date for a few months, but then decide to stay friends. The wild 20's were calling and again, the timing was not right for such a great love. 2008-2011: Miguel and Ginny each have their own fun, but they remain good friends because they could never let each other go. 2011-2015: The timing is finally right. Miguel and Ginny date for one month before deciding to move in together. Everyone thinks they're crazy, but Miguel and Ginny follow their hearts. It was the best decision they ever made. They embark on their love adventure, travel the world, conquer the kitchen, go to happy hour, hangout with family and friends, follow the Dodgers, dance the nights away, and so much more. They love each other every day. Miguel proposes to Ginny in Maui after three and a half years of dating/living together. It was the perfect proposal for a love that was always meant to be. June 10, 2016: Miguel and Ginny became Mr. & Mrs. Ruiz. Three fellow ULV alumni were in their wedding party!

Catie Logan '13 and Hal Hargrave '15, MSLM '17

Catie and I share a very unique love story, not to be confused with different, but actually a love story that is "one-of-a-kind." It is kind of crazy to think how we both ended up at the University of La Verne. Catie is from Beaverton, Oregon, which is just 20 minutes outside of Portland and is home to Nike world headquarters. Catie was recruited out of high school, as she graduated from Southridge High School in Beaverton, class of 2009. Catie then found herself 1,000 miles south on the five freeway at the University of La Verne where she began her collegiate volleyball career as both an all-conference player even starting in her freshman year and team standout her entire four years as a player. It is pretty remarkable to think that of all of the schools that she could've ended up, she found her way down the La Verne, which I believe is an indication of fate in itself. I graduated from Claremont High School, class of 2007, and was set to go play baseball as a walk on at Cal State University, Long Beach. I often times preach that it is funny how life works sometimes and that life works in mysterious ways, because I was injured in a rollover truck accident just a month and 1/2 after I graduated from high school. That is not the funny part nor the mysterious part, the part that is, is the fact that I opted to get back enrolled in school a year and 1/2 after my accident, and chose to stay close to, and continue to live with, my parents and pursue both my aspirations and my degree in my own backyard at the University of La Verne. Going to the University of La Verne was one of the best decisions I've ever made for a variety of different reasons, but the overwhelming reason being that I met Catie and was able to fall in love with her. The first time that I met Catie at school was inside the gym at the Sports and Athletic Science Pavilion. We were both there watching a couple of our friends play intramural volleyball during the spring of 2011. It was after the games had concluded that night, and I proceeded to wheel up to Catie in my wheelchair across the gym floor, (mind you that I was lacking confidence sitting in a wheelchair, because of my knowledge of how shallow some people can be to not see me for me and to only see my chair is a source of negativity and a sore subject). Catie was sitting center court cross-legged on the ground. I immediately wheeled after and said hello and as she introduced herself to me, I reassured her that I was well aware of who she was as both a stud on the volleyball team and somebody that I found to be quite beautiful as well. That initial conversation was a clear indication to me that the woman that I had just met was going to be a part of my life in some way for many years to come. Catie and I remained extremely close friends for the next five years, attending college parties together, taking fun trips with family and friends out to the lake, going to sporting events together, and always being supportive of each other. I was Catie's biggest fan of her volleyball season her senior year, when the volleyball team made it to regionals and played out at Cal Lutheran and I made sure that I found a ride to get out to the game just to see her play, much like every other game that she played in. Catie became and always remained my biggest fan, as well as, she attended many of my therapy/ rehabilitation sessions, as well as, attend most all of the events that my foundation hosted that supported victims of paralysis. In February 2015, the tone and face of our entire relationship changed as she finally took note of the feelings that I had towards her and that her and I could possibly be something more than we ever had thought. For the next 18 months we spent countless hours, evenings, and fun nights together getting to know each other on a deeper level than ever before. What I grew to find out about her was not only that I had met an amazing woman, but merely that I had met my match in somebody that shared similar values, similar hobbies and interest, but also had met a woman that truly loves me for me at my purest form and with all my imperfections. We share an incredible relationship with a very unique bond that is very much tied together by her selflessness and willingness to help and support me in most any way possible. Not only are we both La Verne undergraduates, but Catie has both graduated and concluded her Masters degree at University of La Verne in child development, and now I am finishing up my Masters degree in leadership and management at the University of La Verne as well. Our roots as a couple go well beyond where we were born and where we came from, it is simply about where we met, the common bond that we now share from both being leopards at heart, and the fact that both of us make up each other's leopard spots within each other's hearts that will last a lifetime. I have no question that she will be in my life for many years to come, and it is just the beginning of a beautiful love story that all started and originated with one great school, with one great mission, and another great love story to tell.

Melanie (Pereira) '84 and David '83 White

“Home is where the heart is,” still resonates with me nearly 34 years after graduating from ULV. To this day, each time that I step onto the campus, despite the passage of time and the changing landscape, this heartfelt sentiment still rings true. My arrival at ULV in 1979 was totally unplanned and, as a matter of fact, by early Spring 1980, I was determined to transfer to a much larger school as I had been accepted by the University of the Pacific. Yet, as the Fall term rolled around, once again, I was back at ULV. Unlike a year earlier, my life at ULV was extremely active as I had the honor and privilege to be a member of the Leo football program coached by the late Roland Ortmayer. I was also an RA, editor of the yearbook and totally committed to my studies. Although each day started bright and early at 6 A.M. and ended well into the evening, juggling my daily commitments was a challenge that I fully embraced and actually enjoyed despite the long hours. I was a man on a mission. Well, as luck would have it, unbeknownst to me at the time, my single mindedness would soon put me upon a path that would eventually lead me to the love of my life…my life journey soulmate. Melanie, who was a foreign student from Pakistan, had traveled to the US to study business at ULV. Her parents had heard about a nice, small Christian college in Southern California from a nun at their family’s parish. So, just one month after her 17th birthday, Melanie arrived at ULV. After taking a music appreciation class taught by Prof. Reed Gratz, without initially informing her parents, Melanie made a life changing decision to switch her major to music. As I would soon learn, music was a true passion of Melanie’s as she had started playing the piano at the age of 4. Later in her youth prior to coming to ULV, she had become quite an accomplished musician in her own rights and actually served as the director of the adult choir at her church in Karachi. While she loved rock and roll, especially Andy Gibbs and the Bee Gees, she was a classical pianist at heart and truly possessed the voice of an angel. Upon her arrival at ULV, one of her favorite radio stations that she tuned into regularly was KMET with Dr. Demento. Initially, to Melanie, I was known as that “weird” guy who would knock on her dorm room door at 6:30 in the morning seeking yearbook pages from her roommate and best friend, Denise. Eventually, over the next two years our relationship evolved into a friendship totally void of any signs that we had any romantic interest in one another. We would often take long walks around La Verne after dinner and talked about a wide range of subject matters including food, family, life, travel, music, religion, politics and, on occasion, our respective future interests and endeavors. Then, upon our return to campus, regardless of the lateness of the hour, she would head over to Founders Auditorium (now known as the “Ann and Steve Morgan Auditorium”) to practice on the Steinway grand piano. She had a key to the auditorium so she would practice for hours several times each day and night, never fearful of being in complete solitude in the vast, darkened auditorium. As a matter of fact, while she was totally committed to her music and an avid rock and roll fan, I was focused on my pursuit of a career in international relations. My favorite recording artists were, at that time, Kenny Rogers and John Denver. In her words, I was a total “square.” We were indeed total opposites. Fast forward -- November 1982. Just two weeks removed from the end of my final season of collegiate football; one evening, as I waited outside of Stu-Han for Melanie to come out as we were headed to Knott’s Berry Farm for a night out with fellow RA’s, a new reality became so clear. It was at that very moment that I realized just how special Melanie was to me and, still being a bit of an old fashion type of guy, I was going to ask her “to be my girl.” Mind you, I had previously only briefly dated one other before Melanie despite being just one month shy of my 22nd birthday. I must have been daydreaming or trying to psych myself up to muster the courage to ask her to go steady, for I did not realize until I saw the curtains move that it dawned on me that perhaps my intentions were quite evident by the expression on my face as noted by our friend, fellow RA and eventual bridesmaid, Kim. When they came down a few minutes later, the beautiful smile on Melanie’s lovely face was all that I needed to see to confirm that she, too, was ready to move our relationship to the next level. Over the course of the previous two years leading up to that point in time, in my heart, I truly admired and cherished the way that Melanie embraced her love for music with such passion, determination, confidence, excitement and joy. Selfishly, as our friendship grew, I would relish in the thought that if I could experience just a fraction of the love that she held in her heart for music, I would be the luckiest person on earth. It was in the Spring of 1984 during Mel’s Senior Recital, where she performed a couple of very beautiful, challenging classical pieces followed by a outstanding vocal performance in a packed Founders Hall, my love for her grew even stronger. While I had previously heard Melanie practice on the grand piano on a couple of occasions since we had started dating, it was not until her recital that her angelic voice graced my heart and soul. Still to this day, as I recollect the memories of her recital, my eyes fill with tears of joy while my heart yearns for a repeat performance. Still to this day, when I pass by Stu-Han and glance up at the window of the room where Melanie resided, just like almost 35 years ago, I am breathless for a moment just as if Melanie were about to come down to meet with me just as she did on that lovely evening that changed my life forever. Still to this day, a mere four years since my lovely Melanie’s life journey came to an end, when my adult children and I enjoy a takeout meal from El Merendero at the tables outside of Barbara’s Place, at least several times a month, the memories that Mel and I shared at ULV are in abundant supply and, rarely, if ever, do I repeat the same ones. Yes, still to this day, when I am on the ULV campus with my daughter, Bridget, or walking from La Verne to San Dimas or from Claremont to La Verne and back, I can honestly say that home is truly where the heart is…