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The University of La Verne’s Doctor of Education Program has provided excellence in doctoral education since 1976. This prestigious program prepares individuals to be value-centered, visionary, and authentic leaders who inspire trust and collaboration. It is renowned for developing scholarly practitioners who understand and apply theory to practice in a variety of venues including pre K -20 education, non-profit organizations, and government agencies. The program is recognized for its exceptional completion rate and the success of its graduates who have distinguished themselves in their professional fields.

The Ed.D. Program focus on leadership, change, and contribution is reflected in the achievements of our alumni
A strong network of over 2000 alumni
30% of California School Superintendents with doctorate degrees earned them from the University of La Verne Ed.D. Program
Innovative Leaders in Education, Nonprofit Organizations, and Government

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Our Alumni understand that it’s about the relationships and they are making a difference in their organizations, communities, and the broader world.